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Simple exercise program made by doctor Jacob Wildman and physioterapist to prevent and help with lower back pain. As Jiu-Jitsu practitionors our natural posture while doing this sport puts us at risk for lower back pain. I've suffered for quite some time and just recently found excersizes that really helped me overcome the issue. 


  • Goal is to give a simple generic exercise and lifestyle program for anyone with a lower back pain without complications (like nerve root compression for example)
  • To help recover from and prevent lower back pain
  • No equipment required, easy to follow at home
  • Although created by healthcare professionals, this is not a medical program or meant to replace any treatment or diagnostic studies


What's inlcuded?

  • Guide with tips and theory behind the lower back pain

  • Progressive 4-week program

  • Instructional exercise videos



Lower Back Pain Program

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