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Video Review with Tekneek

A few months ago I was doing a Google search on online Jiu-Jitsu coaching as research. I had an idea for something and wanted to see what was out there and to what depth. During my search I came across a video reviewing service called Tekneek.

After clicking around their website I saw that they have quite a few high level practitioners on the site. Emily Kwok, Robert Drysdale, Braulio Estima, and Josef Manuel just to name a few. In addition to Jiu-Jitsu, they also have instructors that cover Judo, Wrestling, and oddly enough even Bull Riding.

That one surprised me.

What I love specifically about this service is that the reviewer can stop and stop the video. They can rewind, fast forward, highlight specific areas with arrows and circles, all while providing a verbal overview of what they're seeing. The turnaround time is really based on the reviewers availability, but can be within ten to fifteen minutes depending on the amount of detail that they want to provide.

Some students will argue that, they are already paying for the monthly fee at the academy, why would they need an added service? It's a fair question when some of us are paying close to two hundred in academy fees every month. A student will undoubtedly get good over time just by coming to class. Unfortunately, the area that's missed is specific one to one coaching and focus.

As a student, you're one of twenty, thirty, or even forty plus students on the mat at any given time. The information given and the amount of time handed out for each student is usually pretty limited. The analysis you'll receive with Tekneek is very specific to your responses and technique that's on the video, with the added bonus of it being completely private.

Every sport and professional athlete relies on two main things in order to get better, professional coaching and video review. Why would you be any different?

If you're interested in the service visit please Tekneek's website or if you're interested in having a review done through me specifically, visit my profile.

Would love your feed back and opinions on the service.

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