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Review: Gold's Finest City Rashguard

I'll start off by saying, I usually get rashguards that are on the cheaper end. I tend to grab some basic rashies off Amazon or a Fuji whenever they're on sale. So it's rare that I jump at a design without second guessing. I saw that this design was on sale and bought it as soon as it was available. I'm a huge fan of that old school Padres look and honestly, if Gold did a City Connect version of this, I'd buy that too.

With this being a local company based here in San Diego, the shipping and delivery was really quick. I rushed out to the mailbox and brought it in yesterday and immediately ripped it open.

The stitching is excellent. I love the ventilated mesh along the underarms and it's a bit longer on the torso. Nothing I hate more than looking like I'm wearing a mid drift while in the middle of a roll.

It's an excellent rashguard but I do wish it came in a long sleeve. Being the germaphobe I am, the more of my skin that I can cover the happier I am. I would say, that the rashguard seemed to run a bit smaller than I'm used to. I went with a large but should have went up a size.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend the rashguard. It's priced well and it comes in two colors. The quality is excellent. Additionally, if you're not happy with it, you can always fall back on their Gold Guarantee.

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