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Review: Elite Sports USA Gi

I recently got my hands on the Elite Sports' Men's Premium USA White Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Gi and genuinely really liked it. Right out of the box, I thought the Gi was beautiful. The stitching was impeccable and it fit really well. With my body type, 5'4 and roughly 190 pounds, sometimes I have to throw the Gi in the wash and dry it to get a better fit. I had no such issues with this Gi. I didn't look like I was swimming in it, the sleeve and pant lengths were almost perfect with the A2 size.

What I noticed the first time I wore to teach was how light the pants felt. As someone who served in the military, I tend to be partial to the "rip stop" pant style, but I really liked these. They're incredibly light and have a slight give to them as you kneel and move around. The pants don't feel like your traditional Gi pants.

Once I got home I decided to check what my other Gis were made of. The majority of the ones I have are a 50/50 blend between cotton and polyester. This specific Gi is a 48% cotton and 52% polyester blend which explains the difference in feel, weight, and give. With that being said, the Gi is promoted as IBJJF approved.

I've warn the Gi a few times now and it's definite part of my regular rotation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the pricing is competitive with many of the bigger names, the quality is fantastic, and it has a great looks and feels great. I'm a bit finicky with the kinds of Gis I invest in. I need them to comfortable and last for the price.

If you're in the market for a new Gi, definitely check out Elite Sports!

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