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Pressure and Control Concepts

Often grouped into the category of "Invisible Jiu-Jitsu", pressure is an attribute that some students gravitate to early while others circle around to it later in their journey. In the end, it's a concept that we all need to learn and I suggest that you learn it early. As much as today's Jiu-Jitsu seems to be structured around playing bottom guard positions, in all honestly it's inferior.

Strategically no matter how you cut it, it's inferior. It doesn't matter if it's Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts, Sub Only, or a Point Based IBJJF event. The top player has gravity, forward momentum, pressure, and the ground on their side.

Now, the art is understanding how to generate active punishing pressure.

Posture, Pressure, and Angle Pt 1:

Posture, Pressure, and Angle Pt 2:

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