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IG Post: Small Circles

With Jiu-jitsu being this giant sandbox of varying techniques and positions, students can feel overwhelmed having to learn so much.

I found my greatest success and growth were when I added techniques that could be plugged into multiple scenarios with little changes.

Imagine if every light socket in your house required you to learn a new bulb installation technique.. How long would it take you to install bulbs in each room?

For Jiu-jitsu, an excellent example is the Two on One Sleeve grips. You can use these same grips while standing, in Closed Guard, Open Guard, Half Guard, and Butterfly Guard.

We can shift from one position to another but my body's muscle memory goes right to work with little to no delays in installing my game plan, because it's so familiar to the touch.

This small circles principle limits the amount of information you have to learn, instead allowing you to spend time with the depth of technique, which is where the true understanding is.

Instagram Post: Small Circles

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